Youth Ministry

Our Vision for Children & Teens:

"To  WIN  young people to Jesus,  CONNECT  them with other believers, and GROW them into faithful followers who are Trained for a Sending ADVENTURE in the church and world in order to CELEBRATE God's love."

Our vision describes an intentional process we aim to direct young people into through a purpose based ministry by the leading and empowering of God's Spirit!

At the present time, our emphasis is upon the '3' purposes of 'Win, Connect, & Grow' - a timely trio which requires our youth ministry team to consistently & deliberately pray, plan, and pursue these focuses in a consistent, committed manner.

The motivation behind what we say and do is so very simple and yet profound - 'To know God's love and to give it away!' It is at the heart of who we are 'becoming' and what we are attempting 'to do.'

Is our ministry with teens perfect? Far from it but we continually seek ways to push to 'the edge of the envelope' as we regularly pursue 'knowing Jesus and making Him known'... simple as it sounds its also our essential driving pulse!

'Wednesday Nites'

Children & Teen Gatherings.

6:00 - 8:00 P.M.

A variety of creative ministries with a purpose - recreation, concerts, inter-active 'Word' studies, small groups, practical prayer and a wide array variety of worship experiences.